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The essential guide to retail logistics


Ensuring your brand's product gets on a retailer's shelf on time is critical to success. Missed, damaged, and delayed shipments all impact not just a retailer's desire to stock a product, but also erodes consumer trust if they can't get it as expected.

And while there are plenty of logistics companies out there that can ship products to retailers, not all of them are created equal. A truly customer-facing, non-asset based logistics company will not only handle shipping, but also work with brands on optimized scheduling, warehouse locations, and retailer delivery negotiations.

Zipline Logistics partnered with New Hope Network to create "The Essential Guide to Retail Logistics."

In This Joint E-book You’ll Learn...
  • Benefits of investing in a customer-focused, true logistics partner
  • How COVID is impacted logistics costs
  • Why logistics is becoming a point of differentiation for CPG brands