Using Data to Drive OTIF and Retail Compliance Success

Using Data to Drive OTIF and Retail Compliance Success

Data is all around us. Businesses everywhere are putting it to use.

But its importance in logistics is particularly pronounced. Especially, when used to examine delivery performance at retailers with compliance standards like on-time, in-full (OTIF) programs.

It is critical, for your long-term success, that your brand meet customers’ delivery expectations. The most effective way to do so and maintain retail relationships is by leveraging logistics data insights.

How do you employ transportation data strategies to examine past performance at retail receivers and make future improvements? What is data’s place in supply chain decision making? How can you use analytics to increase efficiency while cutting costs? 

In This E-book You’ll Learn...
  • What logistics data is and how can you manage it
  • How analytics can help you identify efficiencies and improve logistics performance
  • The proper mix of automation and human touch in transportation